Homework Policy


            In 4th grade homework varies from day to day.  Students are usually given enough time in class to finish any assignments they may have.  Sometimes students that work a little slower may have work to finish at home. Due to an increase in late and missing work, we have devised the following policy to help everyone understand the new expectations on the students.


  1. All late papers will be docked 10% for each day it is late.  Late papers are papers not turned in on the due date.  Papers turned in incomplete will be considered late.  An assignment that is late will not be accepted more than 4 days after it was due.


  1. Students that are absent from school due to illness will have the number of days missed to complete all missing work. For example, 1 day missed = 1 day to complete work. Any work not finished in that time will be docked 10% for each additional day it is late.


  1. If a student is absent due to vacation they will have 3 days to complete works once they have returned. Parents/students may request to have the homework before they leave to give the student some extra time to complete it.


  1. There will be no redoing work that has been done poorly.   We believe that this is going to encourage the students to work their hardest and achieve their best on their initial effort, rather than relying on redoing their assignment after itís already been returned to them.