Reading Activities

Word Jungle Words in Context Parts of a book Context clue activities
Synonym Hangman Synonyms Antonym Jeopardy Antonym Hangman
Antonym Millionaire Suffixes and base word match Suffix quiz Prefixes Jeopardy
Building prefixes Root word quiz Homograph jeopardy Homophones game
Homophones quiz Genres word jumble Books hangman Sequencing
Author's Purpose Fact Monster Reference Sources Atlas game
Almanac Activities World Book Online Thesaurus Mr. Anker

Math Activities

Monkey Money Mayhem Classroom Capers Farm Stand Math Two player addition
Math Magician Multiplications games Virtual Manipulative Math Facts Challenge
Arcademic Lemonade Larry Links learning Batters Up Baseball
Pumpkin Multiples Fun Brain Numbers TVO Kids math Buy It
Measurement game   Nets Ordered Pairs Dino Dig
Greg's grid graph Snork's Long Division Fun 4 the Brain RoboPacker (Slides, flips, turns)
Transformation Game Translation, Rotation, Reflection What Comes Next Pattern Activities
Number Cracker Pattern Games Symmetry Lesson Symmetry
Symmetry Game Complete the Pattern Symmetry Fraction games Fraction activities
Function tables Cyberchase Function Tables Function Machine Function Tables Measurement
Measurement Fractions Decimals Place Value Games
Adding/Subtracting Fractions with unlike Denominators Adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators Decimal Games Perimeter and Area
Geometry games      

Spelling Activities

Spelling City  

Grammar Activities

Verb Power Verb Treasure Hunt Comparative adjectives
Grammar games Language Arts games Grammar Blast
Tense Treasure Hunt Adjective detective Choosing Adjectives
All about adjectives Language Arts Games  

Science Activities Thirstin's Word Scramble Game Electrical circuits
Thirstin's Water Cycle Water Cycle Game Animals
Thirstin's Match Fun Facts Game Electrical Safety Tech Topics National Geographic Kids